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How I Will Lead




Each resident should have the chance to weigh in when we’re making decisions, to bring their ideas to the whole community. Through listening, collaborating, and strategizing, I will help each resident assume their spot as the “seventh trustee,” giving them the confidence that their voice will be heard. And I will reach out when I need your help, and make you part of the solutions.


I will protect your seat at the table.





The village needs to do a better job of communicating to the residents. Far too often Homewood residents learn that a major decision to expend funds or take action has happened only after the Village Board has approved it. This practice must end.


People deserve to have their questions answered.





In the 9 years that I served on the board, I made sure I stayed available to residents. If someone had a question, I got them an answer. If someone had an idea, I listened.  If someone had a concern or complaint, I addressed it.


I will listen and I will hear you.





We have incredibly diverse, passionate and talented residents, and we need to leverage those talents for the betterment of our whole community. I’d like to see our committees rethought and revamped, so they can better reflect the world we live in today. We should have a Green Committee, a Social Media Committee, a Diversity/DEI Committee, just to name a few. And we should make these committees relevant and allow them to tackle real issues and present authentic, actionable recommendations to the board.


Let’s utilize the resources that our residents offer us.





We need to work with our local businesses to help them stay relevant and competitive in our ever-changing economy. We must find solutions that will help them attract customers, grow their business and evolve as the world around us evolves. This starts with listening to their needs and finding ways that we can support them.


We need fresh, new ways to help our small businesses thrive.





Imagine a mayor that shares power with trustees to create a strong and responsive VILLAGE BOARD.


Imagine a village board that shares power with the staff to create an effective and efficient VILLAGE GOVERNMENT..


Imagine a village government that shares power with the residents to create a powerful and resilient COMMUNITY.

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